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Satan, Death and The Ocean

Satan is Death. Her Majesty who comes to everyone.

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Satan, Death and The Ocean

Satan is the biggest taboo ever, even now. To talk about IT means to do an act of anti-(add name of religion) or to do ant act of pro-(add name of occultist school, Church of Satan etc.).

The Lithuanian God Velnias (Satan) was a chthonic God. It dwelled underneath the soil because it was Death herself. I imagine Death as Her Majesty, so i will call Her Her.

Bulgakov's Voland comes from the same Indo-European root *u̯el-/*u̯ol- (death, funeral and WILL).

Here we have a u-turn. When you die, do you have a will? Or maybe you become a will, or WILL? Love under will? But, God is Love, so what about Death, Satan? Is God Satan and Satan God? Or both of them are PURE WILL?

See, i write only questions. It's you who decides.

Death's head as symbol of mortality appeared in Europe only in 1590s.

שָּׂטָן‎‎ in Hebrew means "enemy, adversary", or Satan. Is Death our enemy or adversary? Yes, it is opposite to life, of which the very beginning is also the beginning of Death.

All Cultures had, have and will have Death Deities. All of them are psychopomps, deities of the underworld, soil. Aztecs' god of Death Xolotl was also god of sunset, fire, lightning, so - Lucifer. The rising star. Satan.

Ouroboros, yes. We came here again.

But, one thing to add. Not all Death Deities, Satan(s) are of underworld. And here we talk not only about island peoples (for example, Bali, Indonesia). In Egypt Nephthys was goddess of rivers, death, mourning, the dead and night. Greek Sirens were the three sea nymphs who lured sailors to their death with their song. Inuit Aipaloovik is an evil sea god associated with death and destruction. In Norse mythology, Rán (Old Norse "robber") is a goddess associated with the sea. She is married to Ægir and they have nine daughters together. She had a net in which she tried to capture men who ventured out on the sea (reminds Sirens). So Rán, sea goddess of death who collects the drowned in a net is actually the one which is a missing link among Northern/Southern/Eastern/Western cultures while talking about Death and Satan.

Rán robs us, drowning men and women, to her net. Into the great Ocean. She reminds Lithuanian Eglė, Queen of Serpents / Water-snakes, so she is universal.

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