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Review. GERHARD HALLSTATT: BLUTLEUCHTE: For those who are not afraid

It's a pity we still have to wait for the CD which will come out with Gerhard Hallstatt's (ALLERSEELEN) book BLUTLEUCHTE (Blood Lamp, Blood Lantern), but there is already a book which leaves no doubts - it's one of the most interesting books i've ever read. Mystical, covering various themes, the one you can read in an evening (321 page), but want to return to it again.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Liepos 19 d., 09:09
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Review. GERHARD HALLSTATT: BLUTLEUCHTE: For those who are not afraid

Already available:

Gerhard Hallstatt: Blutleuchte (book, 547 pages, francais, Camion Noir, 40 photographs): Euro 25,
Gerhard Hallstatt: Blutleuchte (book, 321 pages, English, Ajna, 17 photographs): Euro 25.

The German edition of Gerhard Hallstatt: Blutleuchte will come out in 2018. All the texts - from the magazines Aorta and Ahnstern - are currently re-read and re-written by the author - are in GERMAN but the book comes with an Allerseelen CD with new songs or new versions of old songs. The book contains several black-white photographs. Edition: 1000. Price Euro 22 + postage Euro 6 (Europe). The book will be mailed from Germany. Pre-orders:

Facebook page:

Here are a couple of already finished songs for the GERMAN edition of Gerhard Hallstatt: Blutleuchte Buch / CD (2018) already now in short versions on Haus zur letzten Latern (YouTube):

Aorta Mailorder, Allerseelen:

Gerhard Hallstatt

And now, the main part of the text, the book's review.

BLUTLEUCHTE consists of 31 chapters - 20 are taken from Aorta, 11 - from Ahnstern magazines. As You might know, ALLERSEELEN (1987-) is an experimental, post-industrial and martial music band by Austrian musician Gerhard Hallstatt who also is well known as a writer for magazines Aorta (from 1995 - Ahnstern) about esoteric, occult things.

But, to say it is to say nothing. The wide spectre of themes of BLUTLEUCHTE covers so many things that it is impossible to talk about them all here. As Joscelyn Godwin, US professor, author of several very interesting books about music, esotericism, mentioned in Foreword, the earliest issues of Aorta dealed with its main themes: shamanism. G. Hallstatt also writes about Z'ev, runes, Grail mythology, Norwegian black metal, Michael Moynihan, Cathars, Mithras, alchemy, Lucifer, Blutleuchte cult founded by Alfred Schuler and his Cosmic Circle, exoteric "religions", Nature and many more.

J. Godwin is right when he calls the book a documentary work/a portrait gallery/a travelogue/a meditation on history/a collection of curiosities. This is the book for those who are not afraid to read about things that might seem a taboo in a, say, post-soviet society. Also, BLUTLEUCHTE has a great Bibliography so you can dig deeper after reading the book.

BLUTLEUCHTE is a very meaningful collection of thoughts of one of the greatest musicians and thinkers of our time.

All photos by Gerhard Hallstatt

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Spoke Zarathustra