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Composer EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ dedicated her musical piece called PURUSHA for the remembrance of Mindaugas Peleckis

The winner of Global Music awards composer EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ has dedicated her musical piece called 'PURUSHA' for the remembrance of the soul of - Mindaugas Peleckis.

Onutė Gaidamavičiūtė
2023 m. Gruodžio 12 d., 12:36
Skaityta: 60 k.
Kompozitorė Egidija Medekšaitė. Fotografijos autorius Mindaugas Alekna
Kompozitorė Egidija Medekšaitė. Fotografijos autorius Mindaugas Alekna

The winner of Global Music awards composer EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ has dedicated her musical piece called 'PURUSHA' for the remembrance of the soul of - Mindaugas Peleckis.

Composer EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ completed her composition studies under Rytis Mažulis at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; secondly, she graduated in textile design from the Kaunas University of Technology. She is organically linked to her composition mentor through her research into the microdimensions of music and the ‘digital’ principle, pointing to both the way the compositions are calculated and the use of digital media, while her textile studies have given a strong ideological and structural impulse to her music.

As Asta Pakarklytė is mentioning, The structures of Indian music often find their way into Medekšaitė’s post-minimalist work. All the same, in listening to her music it does not seem that it is constructed on strict structuralist principles, rather, it sounds like an hypnotic, ambient flow of sounds, flowing through forms in space.

It is interesting to remember, that once in 2017 EGIDIJA has told to Mindaugas in her interview, that her music is the compilation of Indian music and textile mapping. Most of the pieces reflect to various emotions and ideas. It is nothing about to make a statement or to prove my way of composing. Music for me is to feel creative and make simple things sound complicated.

EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ is stating: I have written this musical piece to Mindaugas, I dedicated it to him, with the hope that his name will be never forgotten.

Purusha was greated with the ovations, now the long version of PURUSHA for the string quartet was performed at the Scotish arts club in Edinburgh, UK, on 8 th of December.

EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ has recorded this piece with the orchestra and has sent this masterpiece to the contest of the Global Music awards.

The composer EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ on Facebook (19 th of November) was stating: A new work - Purusha, dedicated in a memory of beloved friend Mindaugas Peleckis. A friend, who’s passion and dedication for music is/was invaluable.

So Purusha was performed by Tesseris string quartet on Friday, 24 November, at 7pm in the Scottish Arts club.

Apparently this masterpiece with oriental tendencies sounds really profoundly. As EGIDIJA notices, The piece is based on a repetitive two notes pattern, which throughout the piece develops into joy, solitude, passion and devotion.

But it is also interesting what does PURUSHA means? Apparently Purusha (Sanskrit: पुरुष, puruṣa) is a complex concept whose meaning evolved in Vedic and Upanishadic times. Depending on source and historical timeline, it means the cosmic being or self, awareness, and universal principle. In early Vedas, Purusha was a cosmic being whose sacrifice by the gods created all life. So the concept of Purusha is very eloquent.

As EGIDIJA states, for her PURUSHA is like a part of the sef.

EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ has an idea to perform PURUSHA next year for Mindaugas death anniversary (17 th of April) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Everyone can listen this wonderful musical piece here.