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Gintas K. Amnesia (2020). Review. What did we forget?

Another great album of experimental music expert from Lithuania, Gintas K. This time, it's a one track album lasting more than 44 minutes, and giving us space and time to think about, it seems, such a trivial thing - our memory. You can watch a lot of TV series which almost all contain the subject of amnesia. But, philosophically, what is amnesia? How does it sound?

Mindaugas Peleckis
2020 m. Liepos 24 d., 07:11
Skaityta: 51 k.
Cover of the album by Indra Kraptavičiūtė.
Cover of the album by Indra Kraptavičiūtė.

Personally, I especially like when Gintas K's music turns to be meditative, and this is the case. Even though the music is very complex as always, here you can find your own meditative, philosophical space, and think about what we could have lost in our time.

Those who have listened to at least several albums from big discography of Gintas K, will recognize his musical movements, starting from quiet ones and going to almost noise-like / chaos-like ones.

This time, Gintas K tell us an interesting story, which only can be heard. No additional notes available. If you are lucky, you can get a CD copy (300 of those available) or listen to the music here:

It should be noted that the artwork of the album (minimalist, as always) is made by daughter of Gintas K,  Indra Kraptavičiūtė. All music composed by Gintas K / Computer / 2017. Used drum samples by Travis D. Johnson. Released by gk rec.#03 / 2020.

Something more about the album. It really shows the capabilities of the composer. While being minimal, as earlier, he can turn to a sage who is telling a story using power electronics, ambient and other styles of experimental, electronic music. Gintas K's music is getting better and better. Let's wait for another new album while listening to this one. As American novelist Tom Robbins put it, "Amnesia is not knowing who one is and wanting desperately to find out. Euphoria is not knowing who one is and not caring. Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is – and still not caring." Let's find it out. Only the music has the answer.