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Gettin' Closer to Music

Some words from book "Gettin' Closer" by famous Lithuanian composer of new generation Gediminas Gelgotas ( See forthcoming interview soon.

Gediminas Gelgotas
2012 m. Liepos 31 d., 15:58
Skaityta: 487 k.
Gediminas Gelgotas. Photo by Aistė Tiriūtė.
Gediminas Gelgotas. Photo by Aistė Tiriūtė.
To express music in its most persuasive form, to bring it closer to the listeners, to
touch their hearts. That’s why my music is written. That’s why NI&Co was created.
A traditional and predictable collective now became an ensemble with members
for whom minimalism is not only a direction in creation but also what directs
their lifestyle. When something is minimalistic in the amount of information
provided, there are often maximum possibilities to reach its deepest layers. That
is how words “minimal” and “maximal” come together.
Whatever NI&Co might be associated with, freedom to be what you are without
a wish to blend in with others is always there. The right to bravely express your
feelings is also always there. All that is what produces NI&Co’s special magnetism.
A good show is all about the unity between artist and those who are listening.
When I come on stage and see the audience sitting or standing before me, I
always feel the same – we’re all in one game. And, what is even more important,
we’re on the same team. The listeners catch the ball of energy I throw to
them from the stage. Both the throwing and the catching are acts that must be
performed sincerely for the sake of a good game. While still in the backstage, I
remind myself: “I am together with the audience”. And the first moments of the
show are the building of that magical bond. That moment takes a lot of energy
and sometimes is a little stressful. There is an important rule I am to remember:
the one who does the throwing must be a complete professional and
the one who does the catching might not be well prepared.
I think the artists’ job is to create what you feel and stand up for it.
When creating, we must share what boils inside us, what drives us.
To me this is the only stance that doesn’t violate the meaning of
creation as an expression of a person’s inner self.