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Aleksandr Dugin: „I rather think that nothing will happen, nothing at all. That is something that is really terrible“

For most of our readers the name of philosopher, political scientist, traditionalist, professor Aleksandr Dugin as well as his numerous books is well known. That’s why we won’t start from Adam and Eve. You can find more information about A. Dugin and his works in these websites:,, Professor A. Dugin kindly answered to some of our questions.

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2013 m. Vasario 10 d., 18:02
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Aleksandr Dugin. Photo by
Aleksandr Dugin. Photo by

Dear Professor, could we please start our conversation from Your very interesting biography. First of all, is it true, what is written in „Wikipedia“ and other official sources? What is true, what is not? Father, who worked in GRU, „nazi“ circle lead by E. Golovin, lots of political perturbations, being close friends with Mr. V. Putin?

All is pure lie. Not Putin , nor nazi, not father from GRU and so on. My biography is my bibliography (cf. J. Evola). I don't change in Wikipedia nothing by two reasons:

1) there is a group of the liberal Wiki-admins that immediately restore all lies for conserve the pejorative image of myself (the network warfare – it is just a democracy, nothing personal, but democracy is always a lie);

2) the individual (myself as well) for me doesn't matter; only mission matters.

So I am not inclined to speak about myself. Read my books, form your personal opinion about my ideas first, the author’s personality, – secondly, – that is optional.

The main things to discuss in this interview are Your ideas, which i consider rather interesting and globally important, as western world seems to be collapsing. Is it? The end of western civilization was predicted pretty long before. How long do we have to wait? Is there something that has to happen? WW3? Global revolution? Nothing (meaning collapsing as natural process)?

I rather think that nothing will happen, nothing at all. That is something that is really terrible. The eternity is the everlasting moment of the boredom. Heidegger studied in his work „Die Grundbegriffen der Metaphysik“ the phenomenon of deep boredom. As the existential feature of the modern Dasein. Gnostic Basilides described the world AFTER the end as being completely balanced, the world with no event. That doesn't mean that there are not any more events, that means rather that we no more live the events as events. The lasting collapse is well analyzed by English writer Alex Kurtagic. 

The real trouble comes when no one perceives is as a trouble. So we are here. The West is the center of the boredom. It doesn’t explode, it implodes deeper and deeper.

They are right it will last forever. The end of the World is the impossibility of the World to end. Never ending world is not any more World, it is the aggregation of the meaningless fragments of the inexistent whole. We are living in the 6-9 hypotheses of the Plato’s “Parmenides” – there are multitudes (πολλά), there is no unity any more (ἓν). Such a world cannot exist (according the neoplatonists). I rather agree with them, not with the mass-media and prêt-a-porter culture or hegemonic intellectuals.

You published many books – i can‘t even count them (can You?). I remember the first one i read – it was astonishing in about 1999, about conspirology. Do You believe in a serious global conspiracy like Bilderberg / Mason / Illuminati or other one that is REALLY going on right now? If so, please explain how does it work and what should we wait further?

I don’t remember the quantity of my books, I remember their quality. The quality is very different because the books were written for diverse public. The conspirology is described by myself as a kind of the primitive sociology. For sociology there is a very important point: what the society thinks about what is going on around is important not less than is going on really or than scientific experts think. So studying the conspiracy theories we study the mind of the people, the myths, the culture, the fears, the gnoseological and cognitive structures. The people believes in conspiracies. That means that they „exist“ or „subsist“ (according to differentiated ontology of Alexius Meinong).

It is ironic that You mention Bilderberg (really existent official international Club) or Masons (historically documented organization) and „Illuminati“ that is the product of the modern conspirationists‘ theories (there was such organization in the end XVIII century but afterwards it disappeared). Do the Bilderbergers plan? Do the Masons plan? I think yes. What do they plan exactly? Nobody knows outside of the members. The members don’t speak about their planning clearly. So we know nothing for sure about their plans. But the people imagines, deduces, guesses, divines. It is passionate to study as they do this. They express fears, subconscious desires, hidden understanding of the society, the history, the hierarchies, the fate… Passionate to study all that.

You are considered to be the father of Eurasianism and the Fourth Political Theory. Could You please explain the cores of Your ideas?

The Eurasianism regards Russia not as country but as civilization. So it should be compared not with European or Asiatic countries but with Europe or Islam or Hindu civilizations. The Russia-Eurasia consists of modern and pre-modern features, of European and Eastern cultures and ethnies. This particular identity should be recognized and reaffirmed in the context of the new integration project. The Eurasianism denies the universality of Western civilization and the unidimensionality of the historic process (directed to the liberalism, democracy, human right, market economy and so on). There are different cultures with different anthropologies, ontologies, values, times and spaces. The West is nothing else as hypertrophied and insolent world province with megalomania. It is abject case of the hybris. The humanity should struggle against the West in order to put its pretensions in the legitimate limits. The world province should be become what it is – the province, the historic isolated case, the choice – not universal fate, normative or the common goal.

The Fourth political theory is the theory that affirms:

1)      Three main modern political ideologies (liberalism, communism/socialism, fascism/nazism) are not adequate any more - so we need to discard them all (that means no more liberalism, socialism, fascism - note the fascism and compare with what they say about me);

2)      We need to construct the Fourth political theory beyond the discarded three; it should be this time no-modern (may be Post-Modern, may be Pre-Modern);

3)      The subject of the Fourth political theory is Dasein as Heidegger has described it in his works (not individual as in liberalism, nor class as in Marxism, nor race/state as in nazism/fascism) – Dasein should be freed from inauthentic mode of existence;

4)      Dasein is plural and depends from the culture, so the world should be multipolar (every culture, ethnie or religion has its own Dasein – they are not necessary in contradiction but always different)

5)      We call for the existential World revolution of the Daseins – Daseins of the human societies unite for the counter-hegemonic struggle – against Western globalism and liberal universalism as well as against US-domination.

Eurasian Union was established several years ago. Now it seems it‘s in limbo, although one can see that the Eastern part of the world (China, Iran, etc.) is getting stronger as the western one – weaker. Is that so? What is the situation with Eurasian Union now and what do You predict for its future?

Eurasian Union is our idea taken by Putin’s bureaucrats. I think that is the only way to assure the future for the Russia and indispensable condition for multipolarity. Russia should be on the side of the non-Western powers. There are many problems with Eurasian Union – objective and subjective. The American hegemony and fifth column in Russia sabotage it actively, inefficacity of Russian bureaucracy makes the situation worse. Nevertheless it will be done, because it should be done.

Wars and revolutions everywhere now... Mali, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia... What do You think about situation in Maghreb / Middle East? Will it end it blood and another 10+ years of war?

No it will never end. It is the chaos project sponsored of the West loosing its power to control the non-Western societies by other means. The blood will be shed more and more. Only when all Muslims turn their weapons against the Westerners and join Eurasianist final battle against hegemony it could stop. The Empire continues to divide but cannot any more effectively control. So it starts to divide and that’s all. It can not rule it can only kill. So we need to strike back.

What is Your opinion about Islam and Iran?

I admire Iran and I admire Shi’ism and Sufism. It is spiritual tradition that struggles against the Modernity aiming at its centre. There are many types of Islam. I like traditional Islam and have some doubts about Wahhabism version. It is modernist, universalist version of Islam and it seems to work in the interests of the USA as a kind of sub-imperialist unit. So I support traditionalism in all religions. But Iran and Shi’a tradition I love with my heart.

What future (near and further) world would You like to see? What is Your vision?

In the status quo we are devoided of future. I understand future existentially as the horizon of the authentic existence of the Dasein, as Ereignis (event/in-owning), the coming of the last God (letzte Gott). But this future is incompatible with the decaying Logos of the Western history. The present West (USA and partly Europe) should be wiped out and the humanity should be reconstructed on the different ground – in front of the face of the Death and Abyss.

There should be New Beginning of the Philosophy or… nothing at all. The same nothing as now, not perceived any more as such. So the future will not come by itself. We need make it. But before we need to destroy what is or seems to be.

As i see from Facebook and internet pages, there are lots of people ready for some revolutionary shift of paradigm of their minds and maybe even for physical revolutions. Are real changes coming to our world? Could You predict when and how?

The shift of paradigm is absolutely necessary. I don’t see enough men or women ready to change themselves and world around them. But I see some. That is too small for the hope, but too big for the despair. I’d like too see more decisive and concrete steps. It is good that some begin to awake. The hate for the West, globalism, consumerism, mass-media, democratic lies, human rights thrash, capitalism dictatorship, so called „civil society“ and American domination is obviously growing. So we should go further. The wakefulness means revolution and war. It is little probable that they will start now. But they should start right now because tomorrow will be too late.

Wishing You all the best and thanking for the answers – the last question for now: what are the main ideas that You are working on now?

The International Relations manual for the Russian universities,

the Theory of Multipolar World (published but still developing),

development of the Fourth Political Theory,

Heideggerian studies in the field of philosophy (I have written two books on Heidegger already and continue to work on the same subject),

traditionalism (Henry Corbin, Eranos circle – I have bought recently all issues of the Eranos Jahrbuch in Switzerland),

sociology of imagination (in the G. Durand style – I have made two years ago the doctorate on the subject),

new books on geopolitics (historic geopolitics of Russia, world regions and so on)

Platonism and neoplatonism, Eurasianism (of course),

Orthodox theology,

Social anthropology and ethnosociology,

economics (alternative ways),

conservative studies.


Teaching in the Moscow State University (being head of the department of the Sociology of the IR) – IR, Geopolitics, Ethnosociology, Sociology;

Conferencing (all over the world);

Advising the Russian Government and Parliament (being officially member of Advisers board of the Head of the State Duma S. Naryshkin);

Directing the International „Eurasian Movement“.

Thank You.

You are welcome.