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REVIEW. Philip Best - Alien Existence (Infinity Land Press, 2016)

Infinity Land Press is one of the greatest publishing companies i had encountered. Founded in 2013 by Martin Bladh (legendary musician at IRM, Skin Area) and Karolina Urbaniak (a visual artist, graphic designer and professional photographer based in London). Infinity Land is a realm deeply steeped in pathological obsessions, extreme desires, and private aesthetic visions. In the words of Yukio Mishima, “True beauty is something that attacks, overpowers, robs, and finally destroys.” This time i will write some words about their especially interesting book - ALIEN EXISTENCE, a disquieting selection of original artworks and all-new text by Philip Best. Amplifying the dark themes of recent Consumer Electronics albums such as Estuary English and Dollhouse Songs, ‘Alien Existence’ charts the shattered psychic landscape of the early 21st century in all its eerieness, wonder and confusion. 'Alien Existence’ is sure to both disturb and enchant. The book includes 40 pages of Best's creative writings, over 200 colour reproductions and an extensive interview with the artist conducted by Martin Bladh.

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2016 m. Gruodžio 30 d., 21:07
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REVIEW. Philip Best - Alien Existence (Infinity Land Press, 2016)

Philip Best (born 1968) is an English pioneer of power electronics, who formed the band Consumer Electronics in 1982 at the age of 14. He joined the group Whitehouse, led by William Bennett, in 1983. After a nine-year hiatus starting in 1984, Best rejoined and remained with the group until departing again in 2008. In the early 1980s, Best also ran his own DIY label Iphar, releasing compilations of power electronics. Through the circulation of these controversial cassettes he succeeded in promoting the burgeoning extreme noise genre.

Best has been a frequent collaborator with Gary Mundy on projects such as Ramleh (c.1987-1997).[3] In 1995, under the Consumer Electronics moniker, Best joined forces with Japanese noise musician Masami Akita - along with several Ramleh cohorts - to release "Horn of the Goat."In 1998, Best published his doctoral thesis at Durham University entitled "Apocalypticism in the Fiction of William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard and Thomas Pynchon", and later received a doctorate in English literature.

In 2010, a collection of Best's artwork entitled 'American Campgrounds' was published by Creation Books, with a foreword written by Peter Sotos.

Now, Philip Best comes with his probably best work. Harsh, aesthetic and angry in a good sense of the word. It makes me shiver as the first sounds of Coil's Musick to Play in the Dark.

It is dark.


Death is death.


You know, you must read it.

Happiness. It's what you get from this book. Strange? It should be so.

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Big thanks to Karolina and Martin for their great work.