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The Joy Of Nature - Until Only The Mountain Remains (2020, Dornwald Records). Review. Absolutely beautiful Daoist Neofolk

In this hard year for everyone in the world, beautiful Neofolk music is a great remedy. The Joy Of Nature's new album (first in five years) is stunningly beautiful. If you have never heard before this excellent band from Azores, but you like "Thunder Perfect Mind" by Current 93 or similar music, and if you are into good poetry, you will definitely love "Until Only The Mountain Remains" album. The title comes from the following poem by Li Po: "The birds have vanished down the sky. Now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains." Prepare for 43 minutes of wonderful, translucent and deep music.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2020 m. Gruodžio 07 d., 17:50
Skaityta: 56 k.
The Joy Of Nature - Until Only The Mountain Remains (2020, Dornwald Records). Review. Absolutely beautiful Daoist Neofolk

"Until Only The Mountain Remains is released in beautifully packed digipak which is limited only to 100 numbered copies. Also, you can find the album here: "Until Only The Mountain Remains" is also available on streaming platforms like Spotify.

43 minutes of the album consist of thirteen tracks in which you can find band leader Luís Couto (acoustic guitar, alpine zither, bass, chimes, electric guitar, farfisa, glockenspiel, mountain dulcimer, vocals), but also Troy Southgate (vocals on III and VII), J.A. (Johan Aenus, accordeon on IX, vocals on II), Sandro Menino (synth on XII), Biagio Verdolini (percussion on V) and Conceição Raposo (vocals on XI). All music of the album was written by Luís Couto, except "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" which is a traditional song. The artwork of the album is by Luís Couto.

1     Even The Floating World Will Pass     1:20

2     Rotten Axle-Handle Mountain

    Vocals – J.A.*

3     Taking Leave Of A Friend

    Vocals – Troy Southgate

4     Gazing At The Cloud Line     3:03
5     The Girl With The Razor

    Percussion – Biagio Verdolini

6     The World Of Dew     10:16
7     Broken Tablets

    Synth – Sandro MeninoVocals – Troy Southgate

8     Fallen From A Field Of Stars     2:01
9     These Things Can Knock On The Heads Of Everyone

    Accordion – J.A.*Vocals – Conceição Raposo

10     Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    Music By – Traditional

11     Mar Eterno     2:06
12     Nothing Here To Make Us Sad     2:09
13     Wait For Me By The Winter Stream

This is the first album of new songs by The Joy Of Nature in five years and most of the lyrics were inspired by poetry from hermits of the Far East and are contemplative observations about Nature and impermanence. Because of its themes, it makes a lot of sense to make it available now. The album was inspired by Taoist poetry and it's quite contemplative.In a world perceived as complex and artificial, this record marks a return to simplicity and purity. Almost no electronic instruments were played and all sounds on it were purposedly recorded for this album. Curiously, most poems that were used to make this album were written by poets who used to spend most of their time isolated, so these are the right times to let ourself be overwhelmed by its positive message.

I've listened to the album several times in a row and those 43 minutes seemed to be 43 seconds or so. It's very calm (with one or two places in which music goes into post-rock territory) and meditative. There's nothing much to say, and I am writing that not because I'm lazy. The music speaks for itself. Give a try. All albums of The Joy Of Nature are worth to listen to, but this one is definitely one of the brightest ones (and the calmest ones). I'm very thankful to Luís for another great album and already am looking forward for the new one(s): this man has many good ideas, and very good collaborators.

Luís Couto is also known as the man behind projects Candy Flipping (psychedelic rock) and Teatro Grotesco (dark ambient, industrial).


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