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Sleepyard. Black Sails (2014). Review. Music with colors.

One of the most interesting bands I've ever listened to is Sleepyard (Norway), a psychedelic / indie pop / ambient act formed at the Norwegian beach of Hafrsfjord by Oliver and Svein Kersbergen in 1998. This time, I would like to review their album "Black Sails" (2014) which is a perfect introduction to the world of Sleepyard. Calm, philosophical and deep.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2020 m. Liepos 24 d., 08:47
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Sleepyard. Black Sails (2014). Review. Music with colors.

Black Sails album originally had (on CD) ten tracks. Here you can find two more:

This album starts from the majestic track 1000 Year Vacation. Piano, soft voice, ambient surroundings bring you into the space which is calm, non-agressive, almost utopian.

Sleepyard's tracks aren't so long, I would say, medium long, anyway, you have time to relax and hear pleasant sounds. No negativity here. The music may be pretty sad ("Milk and Honey", the fifth track, which reminds neofolkish Current 93 mood a bit), but it's never disharmonious.

Piano plays great role here, and it's a perfect choice. Overall, the album could and should be listened to when you are tired, a bit unhappy, a bit searching for something you don't know what. An ideal album for dreamers, who still think the world is made of stardust. (I do.)

Big thanks (tusen takk) to the creators of this masterpiece: Oliver Kersbergen (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, vocals, field recording, producer), Svein Olav Kersbergen (Piano), Mike Garson (Piano), Judy Dyble (Vocals), Nik Turner (Saxophone), Geoff Leigh (Flutes), Richard Formby (bass, drums, keys and mixing), Dawn Smithson (vocals), Gaute Storsve (Pedal Steel), Tom Løe )keyboard and background voice on Midnight Bright).

This music has colours.