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NEMUER Unveils Mystical Music Video With Ancient Babylonian Lyrics

The Czech atmospheric dark folk duo Nemuer has just released its new music video "Descent to the Realm of the Dead". The track is from their upcoming third album "Gardens of Babylon", which is Babylonian-themed and contains Ancient Babylonian lyrics. The video was shot in Czechia, and delves into the existential deepness of death and its irreversibility.
2018 m. Sausio 23 d., 19:39
Skaityta: 31 k.
NEMUER Unveils Mystical Music Video With Ancient Babylonian Lyrics

Through their dreamy acoustic music, Nemuer brings ancient myths and stories back to life. In order to keep the atmosphere utterly immersive, they us e solely authentic dead languages or lyricless primordial chanting. The duo has never been about music only. They create a hypnotic, transcendent experience that combines art with ancient mysticism. Touring mostly across the Europe, a part of Nemuer's shows is a performance on an Ancient Egyptian harp, which is unique worldwide.

The upcoming album "Gardens of Babylon" will take its listeners to the legendary Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the King Nebuchadnezzar II's gift to his beloved wife, queen Amytis. The album contains Ancient Babylonian lyrics that were extracted and arranged from original texts more than three thousand years old. The album release party will take place in Prague, and The Moon and the Nightspirit, the Hungarian pagan folk legend, will do to the ceremony.

The music video is about a loss of a loved one and the terrible struggle accepting it. As in many ancient myths, the hero does not want to let it go and ventures to the underworld to make a difference instead.

The album release date: 02/25/2018