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gintas k DIMENSIONS (2016, CD, Frozen Light): New dimensions of modern music

One of the best modern Lithuanian composers gintas k (Gintas K) slowly and methodically became a classic of his sort. Now, his music is heard in various places of the world, and ex-punk rocker and industrialist (MODUS) is one of the most innovative and interesting creators of modern music which is hard to define. NEW album DIMENSIONS just came out on the 1st of September 2016.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2016 m. Rugsėjo 02 d., 16:17
Skaityta: 68 k.
gintas k DIMENSIONS (2016, CD, Frozen Light): New dimensions of modern music

I don't use terms postmodern music or even my own one postmusica for music of gintas k. He has his own style, and lots of releases, concerts in various parts of the world and internet, so the ones who are interested in experimental, abstract music, should check out all his releases:

DIMENSIONS contains two tracks:

Dimensions 35:10

antras galas 06:30 [Lith. second part]
DINENSIONS was prepared as a live-in-studio recording to be presented at ISEA2015 (The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art) during the main exhibition program "Immersive Sound Room"; Vancouver, Canada, August 14-18, 2015. “Dimensions” was created and performed using Plogue Bidule software and various VST plugins. The plugins were assigned and controlled by midi keyboard and midi controllers. All the elements were played live and engaged with improvisation, granules, noise and the computer as instrument. Relationships are formed between composed, live playing, improvisation, and generative software. Similarly, connections are made between vintage electroacoustic, digital noise and a soft touch.

Cover by Daniil G, layout and design by Olga M. Frozen Light label is in Moscow.

Gintas Kraptavičius a.k.a. Gintas K, is a sound and interdisciplinary artist living and working in Lithuania. As an active part of Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994, Gintas now works in the field of digital experimental and electroacoustic music. His compositions are based on granulated sounds, new hard digital computer music, small melodies and memories. He has released numerous records on labels such as Crónica, Baskaru, Con-v, m/OAR, Copy for Your Records, Bôłt, Creative Sources and others. Gintas K also makes music for films, theaters, sound installations, and has participated in various international festivals.


My own impression. Music of Gintas K (and now, particularly, DIMENSIONS) creates a new dimension in modern music. I really don't know how i could call it, perhaps i just don't want to make a tag. It reminds something of his earlier work, but don't get fooled: Gintas K only from the first sight seems similar from the beginning of the album, but later he makes a lot of musical movements that are unpredictable. I would even call him Lithuanian John Cage because Gintas K made a sort of revolution in music. In all albums he was very creative and courageous.

Various exotic patterns together with microsounds are mixed as water sprinkles in the Ocean, later his universe expands in many explosions of Nature. Check out 27:40, for example. This terrific wall of sound is so powerful, but it's not a noise music album. It's something much more.

Perfect, as always, and all the time getting better. Thank You, Gintas for Your interesting Music.

The CD, by the way, has only 300 numbered copies.