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Interview with STEREO CHILD: long lost French gem of Post-Punk

STEREO CHILD could be called long lost French gem of Post-Punk music. You won't find them in the internet yet, but their music is so powerful. Here's my interview with STEREO CHILD's Thierry (2018 06 02).

Mindaugas Peleckis
2018 m. Birželio 02 d., 13:25
Skaityta: 86 k.
Interview with STEREO CHILD: long lost French gem of Post-Punk

Could You please introduce Yourself to Lithuanian music lovers 'cause i guess many of them still do not know about Your projects and bands. Could You name them?

It all started with Seaton in the mid 80's, coldwave-punk band for almost five years, we did several tours in France, and shared together the poster Litfiba, Noir Désir, Certain General ... We then met again in the 90s with the same training to offer this time much more grungy compositions under the name of Stereo Child.

When i've heard Stereo Child's song Television Day, it went on repeat for many times - such great and pure energy, wow. It's a pity there's no info about this band in or spotify, soundcloud, bandcamp, wikipedia etc. Why?

Thank you, Television Day is the first piece we recorded in the studio in 1986, and we decided years later to update it and it was recorded in 1996 with Stereo Child, otherwise the album will appear in its entirety on the Bandcamp site in the near future.

What / who inspires You?

What motivates us, love, no future, cold wave, hope to emerge from this chaos, the likely intelligence of future generations...

What bands / musicians do You consider the most interesting, what music made the greatest influence to You?

Joy Division, Echo & the bunnymen of the first three albums and Gun Club were our main sources of inspiration, the Pixies, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth also.

What do You know about Lithuania and its music?

Sorry, I know your country only by name with Vilnius as capital, and in France we have heard a lot about your country following the sad story of Noir Désir... But I am very curious musically and open to what you can make me discover in the matter.

What are You working on currently? Plans?

For the moment I do not have new musical projects, but it is possible that we leave an album of a group which I participated and which splitted recently, news to the next episode.

Do You do any other form of art besides music - write books, paint, create films etc.?

No, unfortunately, I will like it but I am always taken by the time.

Merci beaucoup.