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CHANGES - Psychonautika (2017). Review. Chasing the breath of a dragon will change your life

CHANGES is a legendary Neofolk (then it wasn't named Neofolk) duo formed by Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk in 1969. In 1975 they went their separate ways but were rediscovered in 1995. The band had released great albums since then which could already be called a classic records of Odinist/occult folk/Neofolk. The new album PSYCHONAUTIKA, released in November, proves that CHANGES had and will have a great impact on today's poetry, music and occult studies. R. Taylor's lyrics (he is a great poet and a painter as well) and music inspires. The main thing that inspires a lot is that he lives as he sings. His life is rich as he is a polymath, not just another musician singing about Apocalypse with an acoustic guitar. CHANGES can change your life, be prepared!

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2017 m. Gruodžio 11 d., 11:23
Skaityta: 148 k.
CHANGES - Psychonautika (2017). Review. Chasing the breath of a dragon will change your life

The album PSYCHONAUTIKA was released on the 2nd of November, 2017 on Hau Ruck! ‎label as 3D LP and digital album. Later, perhaps, the album will be released as CD, too.

Psychonautika is a journey through human essence via poetry, magic and mystery. Probably the best song from the album for me is CHASING THE BREATH OF THE DRAGON which is like a calling to a battle with yourself. It inspires a lot. RHAPSODY and WE WENT TO FIND A THE SUN are also great tracks, Neofolk hits which surely will be played in all concerts of CHANGES.

Also, the album's instrumental side is very important: here are several instrumental tracks which give a balance between deep poetry of Mr. Robert and the music.

What else could be said? This album is a must if you are into folk, Odinism, sacred traditions, Neofolk and non-trivial poetry, and, of course, sweet, non-agressive music.

I could only say Bravo, Masters to the duo. Thank You for another great album!

Nicholas Tesluk (left) and Robert N. Taylor.

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1     Prelude     1:48
2     Morning Journey     1:43
3     Chasing The Breath Of The Dragon     3:50
4     Elusive Moonbeams     3:36
5     The Waves That Washed My Mind     3:56
6     The Pointilist     2:59
7     We Went To Find The Sun     4:17
8     Rhapsody     4:55
9     Psychonautika (Instrumental)     4:03
10     Madness     2:45
11     Jekyll & Hyde     4:42
12     Multi-Colored World     0:56
13     Adieu     0:56