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METAL BAND AL-NAMROOD FROM SAUDI ARABIA: We NEVER show our real identities even if we get caught

Interview with great black metal band AL-NAMROOD from Saudi Arabia (2017 10 20).

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Lapkričio 17 d., 15:34
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METAL BAND AL-NAMROOD FROM SAUDI ARABIA: We NEVER show our real identities even if we get caught

You are from Saudi Arabia (SA), and play metal music. It sounds a bit crazy - maybe it's a stereotype but from press we know that in this country all music except religious is forbidden. How can You play metal music in SA? In deep underground? (Considering that Your publisher is Shaytan records!)

Unfortunately, yes, it is crazy too. We do it in discreet and most importantly we NEVER show our real identities even if we get caught by the authorities as long as our identities are NOT shown in public nothing can get us charged for that if we managed to deny all allegations.

Tell our readers more about yourselves - your musical background, how did you begin to play, in what bands did you play?

Humbaba: I’m the death dealing darkness bringer Humbaba my age xx is in thirties I’m Blasphemous/ Anarchist I believe in Anti authorities, Anti religious , Anti Patriotism, Anti Nationalism , Anti Capitalism. I believe in freedom of speech include blasphemy as a right even though many has defined it as a “hate speech”. I have some interests in Dark mythologies, Occultism, Philosophy, History, Warfare, Weapons, Politics. Musically: I was in different act overseas which got me prosecuted (details can’t be disclose)

It all started from Mepoisophilous band. Back in 2005:

Mephisto had gotten my phone number from some mates. He called me and asked me to start a band. At first, I thought he was some under cover pig so I rolled the dice and asked him to meet up, we met in person. We recruited other members and started a typical Black metal band (Mephisophilus) shortly after, I suggested the Idea of switching to Arabic but my as band mates mocked me for it.Few months after, we met Ostron by coincidence, he had shown us some raw materials sung in Arabic, Ostron and I had almost started an Arabic BM side project (Burzak) and recorded some amateur shity quality tunes but due to me leaving the country and living else where, the Idea had vanished instead Ostron formed Alnamrood with Mukadars then asked Mephisto to Join them. Eventually, in 2013 I came back to the country and joined Alnamrood.  

What about concerts? Where did You play?

Humbaba: Had performed live In Canada with a different act mostly in an underground punk shows. Other than that nothing.

You've released quite a few albums - now, the new one came out. Do You have many metalheads in SA? Maybe even underground clubs where You can gather, play, listen to metal?

Humbaba: NO.. We’re almost disconnected from every underground subculture metal scene whether did exist in the past or still exist! We NEVER share or views nor our music interest with anyone for security reasons. “Maybe even underground clubs where You can gather, play, listen to metal?” Really? HAHAHA NO clubs here at all! I personally spare my time drinking secretly with a completely different crowd who has nothing in common with me other than mocking religious and drinking whiskey while blasting some shitty Techno/Trance Music.

What do You know about Lithuania and its metal (or other) bands?

Humbaba: Not much other than that bad ass band called Fuck Off And Die. I love how shitty quality and offensive topics they deal with!

What inspires You? Which philosophies, musicians, movies, etc...?

Humbaba: 1-Mostly Injustice of all forms and shape such as classism, racism, corruptions, Religious fanatic CUNTS, Islamic or any other Religious Authorities, Human right violations, abusing women in the name of religion or tradition, Ignorance, Hypocrisy Fucked up Saudi tradition and too many other negative things “which we have indicated at Enkar LP “ BTW

2-Dark topics such as: Mysticism, Occultism, Warfare, History, Mythology, Anthropology, Revolutionists.

3-Music Influences:   Speed Metal, UK.82 Punk, Crust Punk, NWOBHM, First Wave Of Black Metal, Thrash and few Doom Metal bands :

Sabbat (JAP) (Satanasword)

DarkThrone. (Panzerfaust)

IronMaiden. (Powerslave)

ONSLAUGHT (Sounds Of Violence),

Candlemass, (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus)

Hellbastard (Ripper Crust)

Anti Cimex (Scandinavian Jawbreaker)

POISON IDEA (Feel The Darkness)

Discharge (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing)

Melechesh (Djinn)

Storm (Nordavind)

The Funeral Orchestra (We Are the End)

Sarcófago (I.N.R.I.)

HELLHAMMER (Apocalyptic Raids)

Sodom (Agent Orange)

Survival ( Rock and Roll Sacrifice)


Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)

Kreator (Pleasure to Kill)

Motörhead (Motörhead )

Chaos UK (The riot city years)

Broken Bones (F.O.A.D.)

GBH (Leather,Bristles,Studs And Acne)

The Exploited (Punks Not Dead)

Destruction (Sentence Of Death)

Dayglo Abortions (Here Today, Guano Tomorrow)

Razor (Violent Restitution)

Blasphemy (Fallen Angel of Doom)

BEHERIT ( The oath of black blood)

Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas)

Midnight (No mercy Of Mayhem)

Toxic Holocaust (Hell On Earth)

Root (Zjevení/The Revelation)

Oi polloi (Total anarchoi)

Doom (Police Bastards)

Dark Cabaret/Gypsy/Blues/folk/Jazz:

The Tiger lilies, Edith Piaf, Screamin’Jay Hawkins, Tom waits, Johnny Cash, Cab Calloway, Taraf de Haïdouks , Hexvessel. Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Urban Voodoo Machine

Arabic Folklore /Arabic Mysticism

Umm Kulthum, Sadoon Jaber, Farid al-Atrash, Firouz,

Movies: I mostly watch warfare documentaries and lot’s of graphic Snuff films

What are Your plans? Do You plan a tour for a new album? If so, where?

Mephisto: We are dealing with many difficulties now, some of us are banned from traveling, so the only thing we can think about is continue what we do, make more and more soul ripping metal, we will announce special release for 2018 with details later.

Your album art is magnificent, Western bands can envy. Who is Your painter?

Mephisto: We draw the sketches ourselves, and then we sent the sketches to professional designer in U.S to incorporate them into printable artwork.

What does Your band name (and album names, song's names) mean? What are You singing about? Do You sing only in Arabic?

Mephisto: Al-Namrood refers to the Babylon king (king Nimrod) who defied god and Ibrahim (according to the Islamic books) the name also means none-believer or rebel. All our lyrics are written in Arabic intentionally to articulate our real life situation in middle east. Below is a translation of our discography:

2008: Atbaa AlNamrood (Nimrod Followers) EP

2009: Astfhl Al Thaar (Vengeance intensified) LP

2010: Estorat Taghoot (A legend of Tyranny) LP

2012: Kitab Al Awthan (Book of idols)  LP

2013: Jaish AlNamrood (Nimrod Legion) EP

2014: Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (When Dusk Appears) LP

2015: Ana Al Tughian (I, Tyranny) EP

2016: Diaji Al Joor (Darkness of Injustice)

2017: Enkar (Denial)  

Tell us more about pre-islamic Arabic culture. I find it very interesting and i know that there are many archeological sites in SA but they are forbidden to visit. Was Allahu really a pre-islamic deity?

Mephisto: Well, It is very deep interconnected subject, but I will only highlight the religious aspects:

In the period leading up to Islam, most Arabs had lost the teachings of the prophets of God to them, such as: Hood and Saleh, as the teachings of the Hanafi religion weakened their father Abraham, and became idolatry idol worshipers, and few of them condemned Christianity, Judaism, and a small minority condemned the Sabean and Hanafi religions. In Makkah there were 360 monotheists around the Kaaba, where each tribe or tribe had its own idol, and there were idols such as Kalat, Al-Uzzi, Mu'men, and the three who considered the daughters of Allah, Asaf and Nayla as Sunan with their own legend. The Supreme Divinity in the pre-Islamic Arab “Jahiliyyah” was entrusted to God alone, and they revered Him as a dominant power, but he used His partners in performing His holy duties, the idols to which they approached according to their need for each.

Ironically Islam came to abolish all of that and enforced prophet Mohammed ideology as the last messenger of god.

Wish You luck, don't get caught. Hopefully, someday Saudi Arabia will be a free country.

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