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Review. VIVA ITALIA (2017, 5CD anthology). Italian experimental music at its best

I already wrote what great job Dmitry Vasilyev, journalist and music promoter from Moscow did ( In short, he wrote a huge book (about 800 pages) about Italian experimental music since 1955, and also released a 5CD anthology of this music. This anthology is astonishing, unique and worth to listen even if You know many Italian experimental bands. There are 77 tracks on the CDs!

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Liepos 05 d., 15:20
Skaityta: 60 k.
Review. VIVA ITALIA (2017, 5CD anthology). Italian experimental music at its best

The beautiful book-like package of VIVA ITALIA 5CD (the 5th one has only 100 copies, so hurry up) looks like a book too, it is very aesthetic, and the tracks are selected with a great knowledge.

According to, VIVA ITALIA book (and CDs) presents the historical overview of experimental music, it's the compilation of numerous articles about the artists and labels appeared in Italy during the recent 60 years. Here you can find the information about more than 800 musicians, their photos and detailed descriptions of their albums. All the articles are grouped into five chapters: early electronic music (1955-1980), academic music, new wave and industrial scene (1980-1984), music from pre-digital stage (1985-1995) and all the contemporary scene (1996-2015). The last two chapters consists of independent labels review and the interviews with musicians, most of those were intended to be included in IEM magazine which was never published after 2003. Some artists were featured in IEM podcasts, as well as their music, with the intention to represent their creative attitudes at its best.

The quadruple (+1) CD anthology of the same title is the place where you can find the exclusive pieces by many Italian artists, provided specially for this project and never released before.

I won't tell You more. You have to listen to it. Here, You can find noise music, ligher electronic music (as Bad Sector), and many many other things.

And this does not even include wonderful Italian Neofolk scene!