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DAINA DIEVA: Lithuanian female industrialist with ice cold perfect music

While lots of Lithuanian men (including industrialists and other musicians) drink beer and release weak albums, one young woman DAINA DIEVA (Daina Pupkevičiūtė, b. 1983) shows that she is worth more that possibly all of them together. Her music is really great and astonishing postindustrial sound wall. Silent genius with long CV and discography. She even played with Ô Paradis. Haunting voice together with dark music hypnotize. Also, DAINA DIEVA is a performance artist, sound designer, curator, translator, filmmaker, screenwriter, knows at least 6 languages.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Birželio 23 d., 18:09
Skaityta: 97 k.
DAINA DIEVA: Lithuanian female industrialist with ice cold perfect music

DAINA DIEVA (could be translated as SONG GODDESS) plays a kind of dark ambient/drone.

She uses various instruments (bamboo flute, bells, chimes, metallophone, guitar patterns), noises and interesting sounds. Her project is active since 2008.

DAINA DIEVA's discography includes 4 personal and 2 split albums: Daina Dieva & Svart1 (Raimondo Gaviano) - Incubi-Succubi ‎(2009, performed live in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 2008), Nakčia (2009, two tracks with a video for one of them), Leaving The Garden (2011), Ice Cold (2013), Daina Dieva & Skeldos (Vytenis Eitminavičius; SKELDOS is also worth to listen postindustrial project) - Aviliai (2015), Kas (2016).

For me, especially great is Ice Cold, which is one a 52 minute track of dark music, and it's not boring - it's one of the best albums i've ever heard. Probably only Lustmord could make some albums better than this one (or not):

You can read more (in English) about this wonderful musician in DAINA DIEVA's webpage or Facebook account

Best to DAINA DIEVA. I will be waiting for her next releases as she has a great potential.

Lithuania has several female industrialists: DAINA DIEVA, MORRIGUN, SIGīTA SEYR, SISTER, and, of course, GABRIELĖ LABANAUSKAITĖ (APELSINAI AIKŠTĖJ APGRIUVUSIOJ, AVASPO). Next to such music are serious composers of contemporary classics/electronics EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ, LINA LAPELYTĖ.