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Nonia´s interview

I want to introduce digital artist from Spain Nonia de la Rosa. Artworks of Nonia de la Rosa are awakening creativity through play and improvisation. Fantasy through the movement of colors allows her to touch her own sources of creativity, feeling of life and enter to the very deep stratas of her soul. Her works are full of emotions and not only, she sounds like orchestra which is very successful in the instrumentation of her intellect and feelings.

Zita Vilutytė
2013 m. Kovo 25 d., 20:58
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Tree of Dreams (C) Nonia de la Rosa
Tree of Dreams (C) Nonia de la Rosa

“The artwork of Nonia proposes us with an enigmatic question: is she a painter, a creative designer, an artist? Or is she simply a sensitive draftswoman capable of expressing the movements of air, the colour of the wind, the desires of flowing liquids and dreams like ether expanding into a the poetry of the cosmos?

If we could climb inside the spirals of cool blues, dizzy viridians and religious lapislazulis which interpret secrets of lovers in the abstract figures that her powerful paintings contain, we would never be able to leave again…” (the critic evaluation by Salvaloren).

Nonia de la Rosa

Introduce yourself.

I´m an uncomplicated easy going woman that loves and enjoys life.

Tell me about life and studies.

I´m a self taught artist, painter and digital designer. My studies and personal preparation are related to a social area related to the care of people.

I studied Social Applied Gerontology and later trained as a therapist employing horses and coach or Personal Trainer.

How did you become a digital painter?

I am a new type ofartist. I´ve only been doing digital art for a few years and began, although seemingly impossible, playing with and experimenting with different designs of images employing programs of MAC.

I discovered then something very interesting for me which allowed me to express myself in a completely free way causing me to feel completely true and natural. So I continued experimenting and advancing with the handling of digital instruments that awoke a new passionate field of research and experimentation in me as far as expressing emotions was concerned. I give shape to all this through my art.

Later I decided to publish my work on Facebook and then Digital Art opened the door of communication to me (and everyone else), making communication possible to me, in a deep and very special way with a great number of people through my creations.

Can you list the exhibitions and projects in which you have take part?

My participation in exhibitions and projects began through the virtual creations on internet in many art galleries and show rooms throughout the world. Quickly, my work was launched before the public eye where no frontiers exist and so I introduced my work to people worldwide.

Some months later, after continuously turning out more work and exhibiting it in numerous galleries and virtual show rooms as I mentioned to you earlier, my exhibitions (with physical artwork) I took part in the following:

The Festival of art, “Miradas de Mujer, 2012. “Yelow Night”, developed in Madrid.

I took part with several of my paintings in an exhibition organized in summer in the BCM Art Gallery in the Paseo de Arte Contemporáneo in the city of Barcelona.

This year I am immersed in a new and super interesting international artistic project. In June, I am going to exhibit my work in the International Festival of Art, “Anima Mundi”, 2013 in Lithuania.

Flow between women (C) Nonia de la Rosa

How would you define your creations?

As digital abstract art.

Your art work is powerful, emotional and at the same time gentle and feminine. It has a great many interesting vibrations. Where does the source of your inspiration spring from?

The source of my inspiration comes from my capacity and natural tendency towards abstract perspectives and intuition and my ability to go into depth into my own emotions and feelings, expressing them through these channels in the moment I am working on one of my creations.

Is the creation of your work a reflection of the relationship with the land you were born in?

Well, I think that in me, as in anybody within a social environment where you were born, grew up or live can influence you. I´m a passionate fan of Flamenco Art (music and dance) in my country and it´s because of this I dedicated a piece of my work to it called “Spanish Move” that reflects the beauty of the sensuality which is established as with the relationship which is created between a woman and the art of Flamenco. But in my personal case, and speaking from the artist´s point of view, I think my work is very similar to a reflection of my interior spiritual uneasiness more than something related to the land I was born in. I feel and I can identify myself as being an integral part of the world, not as only being of a certain country.

 What is important for you as a creator? Is there some sort of force that can stop you?

The most important thing for me as a creator is the feeling of freedom that it gives me and this great emotion that I´ve never experienced before in such an “intense” way. This occurs only in the moment I am expressing myself and creating. I think that as long as I live, I believe it will be very difficult for something to stop me from working and creating and separate me from something so magic which has become so vital for me.

What do you think about the connection between the Artist, his/her Art and the World? When we use technologies it is very easy to lose authenticity. How do you manage to maintain this connection and balance?

The connection between the artist and his/her art is something that always accompanies the artist, above all, taking into account that art is a feedback of communication of the artist and his/her creation, inside or outside of him or her. When you show the results of your interior journey and you share it with your spectators is the most important thing to me, the least important thing for me is the experience I have with new technologies or tools that I use to express myself and open these channels of communication with others and thus reach and develop this final result that in art emerges in some way, simply permitting the sharing of the artistic creation through this “creative channel”, “your life” with everybody else´s.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do you find dialogue with your spectator?

The most passionate dialogue for me is the one which is established between the piece of artwork and the spectator in a way in which the work acts like mirror of emotions, where the interior beauty of each person can be seen reflected through one´s own individual perception. In this way, the artwork comes to life in each person and creates and recreates in their interior different worlds with their own meanings. For me, when this happens, it´s like listening to the melody of the piece of music that has been composed from all the instruments that interpret it, giving it life within the orchestra.

What is your opinion about Contemporary artistic movements nowadays in your country and the rest of the world?

I think that in my country as in the rest of the world, current contemporary art is stained with a certain pessimism and superficiality as a reflection of the current moment of crisis, (economical, cultural and ethical) which the social system is suffering from at present on a worldwide basis.

Anyway, Nonia, your works are full of optimistic vibrations. Let’s hope for the better world. According to Jung “Art is kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument…” You sound as very positive tuned instrument in hands of Universe.

Thank you for the nice conversation good luck in creative journey of life.

All is as it is meant to be. Trust. Breathe (C) Nonia de la Rosa