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LUST FOR YOUTH: "Great Concerns" (2019 - SACRED BONE RECORDS), the new era of Synth-Pop

The use of synthesizers has always been an essential part of the Indie and Underground scene since the 60s and 70s to give birth to the incredible Electronic Music and its branching towards many styles such as Synth-Pop, Techno-Pop, Electro-Pop, House Music, Dance Music, EBM (Electronic Body Music), IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Indietronic, Future-Pop, etc.

Fernando Rivera Rodriguez
2020 m. Vasario 23 d., 22:06
Skaityta: 23 k.
LUST FOR YOUTH: "Great Concerns" (2019 - SACRED BONE RECORDS), the new era of Synth-Pop

The most influential bands of this genre and my favorites are very different one from each other and very distant too. They are the legendary bands KRAFTWERK, from Germany, and SILVER APPLES from USA, among many others.

KRAFTWERK was initially considered one of the best Krautrock bands and then the pioneers of Electronic Music. On the other hand SILVER APPLES are truly innovators on Electronic, Experimental and Avant-Garde Music. This is already a matter of taste in a specific style.

These bands influenced many artists and appeared great Synth-Pop and Electronic Musicians in the New-Wave era of the 80s, the Alternative Music of the 90s and the variety, fusion and Revival of many styles in the 2000s until today. The technology and the Internet have helped many new young artists and bands to know and spread Electronic and Synth-Pop Music... something really fantastic!!!

A band that has become one of my favorites, in recent years, for its majesty and originality, is LUST FOR YOUTH and also for having evolved in a surprising way resurfacing the Synth-Pop genre like no other. They have definitely investigated
and heard many iconic past and new acts incorporating those influences into their Music but with their own contemporary touch.

LUST FOR YOUTH is a Swedish / Danish duo belonging to the great label SACRED BONE RECORDS, where we can find amazing artists like MOON DUO, DAVID LYNCH, FOLLAKZOID, PHARMAKON, THE SOFT MOON, BLACK MARBLE, ZOLA JESUS, etc. The members are the frontman HANNES NORRVIDE on vocals, synthesizers and electronics and MALTHE
FISCHER on guitars and production.

The initial effort was the LP "Solar Flare" (2011 - AVANT! RECORDS) produced entirely by the Swedish artist HANNES NORRVIDE. Then he produced the debut LP for SACRED BONE RECORDS "Growing Seeds" (2012), "Perfect View" (2013) and INTERNATIONAL (2014), precisely the album that made them known internationally and this time they
became a trio with the collaboration of LOKE RAHBEK.

Finally they released the excellent "Compassion" (2016) album and "Lust For Youth" (2019), the brand new eponymous album and their best work to date. Here we can find amazing songs like "Great Concerns", "Insignificant", "By No means"
the lovely "Fifth Terrace" (sung by the female composer SOHO REZANEJAD), Adrift, etc.

The song that captivated me from the very beginning was the dazzling "Great Concerns", the first incredible single from "Lust For Youth" (2019 - SACRED BONE RECORDS) and their new and seventh album inside a vast and rich discography. A remarkable anthem
of infinite beauty and happiness combining light and dark moods in an outstanding form adding a cinematic and epic feeling.

The first seconds of the tune introduces us to relaxing, Dreamy and Ambient territories. Then it explodes with fantastic Synth-Pop and Dark-Wave symphonies mixed with the splendid voice of Hannes to reach a new phase of tender and calmed soundscapes. From here the song changes again with a pleasant trip of sweet, joyful and nostalgic first class Electronica and then it turns, one more time, in a beautiful Dark number with a peaceful end...a brilliant and an unforgettable piece !!!.

Open your hearts and minds and get carried away by the beautiful notes of "Great Concerns", a gorgeous theme. Surely you will hear it over and over and you will love it forever. Thanks again for reading and listening to all my friends !!!...<3...