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CASA UKRANIA: Neofolk which gives a possibility to live a life with a purpose and in constant creative evolution

CASA UKRANIA is one of the most interesting Neofolk bands of our times. It was created in 2015 in Odessa (Ukraine). The debut album TERRA UKRANIA came out in 2015, the second one - OUROBOROS - in 2017. We had a small talk with the musicians (Ната Гриценко - music, voice, texts, flute; and Леонід Жданов - music, producer) on 2018 03 12.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2018 m. Kovo 13 d., 11:02
Skaityta: 66 k.
CASA UKRANIA: Neofolk which gives a possibility to live a life with a purpose and in constant creative evolution

Could You please remember Your first project/band and maybe You could name all Your discography with all bands that You've created and/or played in?

We both started many years ago in local alternative bands and then gradually switched to electronic music. There were several more or less successful projects, but the most notable was our first mutual electronic one – Cloud Roots, that has released two EPs and a number of compilation tracks and remixes. In Casa Ukrania, though, we started writing songs, not instrumental tracks, and combining electronic arrangements with acoustic instruments.

Which album of Yours do You value the most?

Certainly, every musician that wants to grow professionally and develop his skills does his best with every new release, so our second and the last one up to date, «Ouroboros», is the most mature and complex for today.

What about Your plans? I've heard You plan a new album? When will it be released and what will it be like?

Well, we’re afraid we’ll be the last who finds out about our new album, so don’t forget to tell us the latest rumors :) Eventually the third album will happen someday, but for now we’re planning several smaller releases – EPs and collaborations, with a higher percentage of electronic elements inside.

Do You plan to come to Lithuania? What do You know about it and its music scene?

We read reports from your famous festival Mėnuo Juodaragis and we know you have a strong folk/neofolk scene. We were also once astonished by sutartinės – your beautiful and the most unusual folklore genre. We hope to visit Lithuania one day – we’ve already discussed the possibility with our fellow Belarusian project Drwiwy. Oh, and by the way, we’ve enjoyed Lithuanian «Zero» trilogy very much, a wonderful Guy Ritchie-like criminal comedy movies – a well worth seeing and vastly funny thing!

How do You call Your style?

We usually try to avoid any labeling or thinking of some extraordinary naming, so it’s better to say that we work with a free mix of alternative genres of electronic and folk and never strictly plan our future genre or style twists.

What inspires You?

A possibility to live a life with a purpose and in constant creative evolution – and to help our country establish itself in modern multicultural development process.

What musicians/bands/artists/... do You value most?

To name only a few – we adore musicians, who never restrict(ed) themselves in any genres, themes or ways of self-expression: Trent Reznor, Martin Gore, Chris Corner, Genesis P-Orridge, Jhonn Balance & Peter Christopherson.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

What does Your band’s name mean to You? Why Ukrania? At first, I read it as Ukraine. Is this some kind of spell?

It’s a hommage to one of our favorite movie directors, Alejandro Jodorowsky. His parents moved to Chile from the territory of modern Ukraine, and his father opened there a store named Casa Ukrania – literally «Ukrainian House» from Spanish, so we stick to that spelling and pronunciation.

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