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The phenomenon of Lithuanian experimental pop music: melody is the weapon

When i speak about Lithuanian experimental pop music, i mean bands that play not usual pop/poprock music which is radio friendly: it's more oriented to a closed group of people but a very interesting one, though (similar to SPIRITUAL FRONT but without neofolk sound). There are three main bands that play such kind of music: RUMUNIJA / SEMĂNAT (Lith. Romania / Rom. Sowing), OBŠRR (Orange Beast Roughly Swallowing The Morning) and VILKDUJA (Stupid Wolves). Those three bands are friends among theirselves, they even released split album III in 2014 (, and OBŠRR has a split with VILKDUJA ( Let's talk about those strange pop bands separately.

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VILKDUJA is one of projects of Paulius Vaitkevičius (he also played and plays in OORCHACH, PEORTH, UGNĖLAKIS, SPANXTI, LAUXNA LAUKSNA). He is a metalhead-turned-to-industrialist-turned-to-experimental-pop-pseudoguru.

VILKDUJA has about ten releases ( and has a "cult status" among people of a closed group in Lithuania.

VILKDUJA plays something between synth pop and experimental pop with industrial music touch. It's easy listenable and, as most of Lithuanian bands (that's why Lithuania is called a country of poets perhaps), very melodic. The first album of VILKDUJA was recorded 10 years ago, and the best one is perhaps NEŽINAU (DON'T KNOW, 2010, recorded in 2008-2009,

Some songs of VILKDUJA can make you dance especially if you are in a trance. And you can expect psychedelic texts (in Lithuanian only), for example: It is said about the beginning and the end that there is neither beginning nor the end. Seems trivial? Yes, sometimes it is. But it is pop music.

OBŠRR (Orange Beast Roughly Swallowing The Morning, ex-WHITE ORC)

This project by Vytautas Pliadis is the most melodic of all the three. As you see from its discography, it is not very big, but the albums are really good, especially those two in the middle which are not split albums.

Vilkduja / Obšrr - Dabartis ‎(Cass, Ltd, C40)     Not On Label     none     2009         
Patogi Gelmė ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, C46)     Not On Label (Obšrr Self-released)     none     2012         
Nustebusiam Nebūti ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, Num, C30)     Not On Label (Obšrr Self-released)     none     2014         
Rumunija, Obšrr, Vilkduja - III ‎(CD, Album, Dig)     Terror     TR-20     2014         

This is more sophisticated synth pop / experimental pop with deeper texts (mainly by famous Lithuanian poets) and no psychedelics of VILKDUJA is here. You can find all the albums of OBŠRR here:

This song is a great Depeche Mode-like cover of Lithuania pop guru ANDRIUS MAMONTOVAS:

Here's the original one:

Other songs of OBŠRR are more experimental (COIL-like i would say), nevertheless, very melodic and nice.


This band is probably the most productive of all Lithuanian experimental pop bands. It is not well known outside the inner circle, although it has great albums on its count. You can find main albums of the band here:

SEMĂNAT is more industrial incarnation of RUMUNIJA's experimental pop music.

And, some music from Lithuanian (no, not Romanian) countryside:

So, speaking about all those three bands / projects, representing Lithuanian experimental pop, we should not forget that Lithuania has deep traditions of folk music incorporated into big beat/rock music in 1960-1970s:

Nothing new under the sun. But, anyway, Lithuanian experimental pop music is really worth to listen to, check it out.

Cult joke songs DYKUMA (DESERT) and BYBIS RAIBAS (MOTLEY DICK) by Lithuanian metal legend RUINATION.