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Review and interview. LVPI GLADIVS - Veritas (2014). Enchanted by the beauty of Italian Neofolk

I've already reviewed CD Single "De Sideribus" (2016) of wonderful Italian Neofolk / Military band LVPI GLADIVS. I like this special sound of their accordion so decided to review their second album "Veritas" (2014). It might be three years old but the music is one of the best i've hear. Great melodies, eight songs full of power and strength, beautiful design of CD - it makes you a fan of the band. Plus, a short interview with the band (2017 03 17).

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Kovo 23 d., 14:53
Skaityta: 59 k.
Review and interview. LVPI GLADIVS - Veritas (2014). Enchanted by the beauty of Italian Neofolk

Why do You play Neofolk? How did You begin to like it, what bands and why inspired You? (One of band's members also played in several other great bands - Egida Aurea, Hidden Place).

LG: We play neofolk just because we are fans of bands that created this "kind" of music.We collected records of these bands like Death in June, Current 93, Sol Invictus before the Lupi Gladius birth.What inspired us was their attitude to the music, to the lyrics. From this everything came spontaneous to make our music.

Your Neofolk style is slightly different from, say, DIJ or C93, i would even call it Italian Neofolk. Is this style of music popular in Italia?

LG:Yes it is different from the "neofolk" pioneers but without intention. We want just express what we feel being 100% ourselves, obviously, having as landmark our musical fathers.

We dont know about this "Italian neofolk" but it sounds really interesting!

- Italia is a special country for those who seek culture, new experiences in Europe. What inspires You living in it? Where are You from?

LG: Italy is a wonderful country with an old and great tradition, we love it! Of course our country has a lot to do with our inspirations, from the art to the nature together with history and literature. We are from the south Italy and as we just said before there is an old tradition, much art and a wonderful nature. These are important for us, but we think that everyone would be enchanted from these things here.

A few months ago, you made a Death in June's cover. Why did you choose "Leopard Flowers"?

LG:Being DIJ fans is not easy to choose a song to cover.It has been an hard choice because we love many DIJ songs, from the early years till now. For us and for the rest of neofolk scene (we hope) DIJ means a lot.

Grazie mille.