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THE WILD FEATHERS: "Sleepers" (2016 - WARNER BROS. RECORDS), a passionate and nostalgic trip into the Shoegaze world.

I really love the effort of some bands or artists when they are categorized in one or two genres with their debut album and then they start to explore new things and many styles with a second record. What they want is to bring a different view in their Musical evolution proving themselves new ways and directions as the artists they are.

Fernando Rivera Rodriguez
2020 m. Birželio 15 d., 10:57
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THE WILD FEATHERS: "Sleepers" (2016 - WARNER BROS. RECORDS), a passionate and nostalgic trip into the Shoegaze world.

This could be a risk in their careers and die-hard fans can be dissapointed for offering a different challenge but great changes are always very welcome. It´s so important and necessary to listen what they want to express many times, with open mind and ears, to finally understand a whole new world of possibilities maintaining their own essence.

Some months ago I found in a record store an album entitled "Lonely Is A Lifetime" (2016 - WARNER BROS. RECORDS) of an unknown band to me called THE WILD FEATHERS. When I read that they were a Country, Southern Rock or Classic Rock
band I wasn´t too much interested in buying it because these aren´t my favorite styles.

Great was my surprise when I give them a chance and I started to listen their second album and, like I said before, it was a risky record full of rich melodies and songs of diverse styles so I bought it and was totally worth it. I found genres like 80´s New Wave, Shoegaze, Psychedelia, 90s Alternative Music, Indie-Rock, Experimental Music, etc...a lovely discovery!

THE WILD FEATHERS are a four-piece band conformed by JOEL KING on vocals and bass, RICKY YOUNG on vocals and guitars, TAYLOR BURNS on vocals and guitars and BEN DUMAS on drums. They born in Nashville, Tennessee-USA in 2010 and released their eponymous first album in 2013.

In 2016 they recorded their second album "Lonely Is A Lifetime", their most innovative and best record yet with an organic palette of sounds and styles in all its glory produced by JAY JOICE (LISA GERMANO, from 4AD RECORDS, CAGE THE ELEPHANT, THE WALLFLOWERS, etc). Finally the band released their last album "Greetings From The Neon Frontier" (2018) where they returned to their roots.

The highlight theme of "Lonely Is A Lifetime" (2016 - WARNER BROS. RECORDS) is the brilliant tune "Sleepers", where they show an incredible side of their Music and how far they can go creating a Shoegaze piece. I will describe it with more detail below.

This is my appreciation of each song:


1. "Overnight": We start with this joyful song full of pure energy and rich harmonies. It reminds me the first albums of THE DRUMS or THE VACCINES with an Indie-Rock vibe and also some Twee-Pop...a groovy and satisfactory number we can
dance !.

2. "Sleepers": THE WILD FEATHERS change completely to make an amazing trip into the Shoegaze world and they demonstrate their abilities to create an amazing tune. This is the best song of the album and one of my favorite tunes of all-time. The hope, passion and nostalgia of this song, surrounded by beautiful voices, capture us instantly to feel the beauty they spread in this unforgettable anthem where SLOWDIVE, CHAPTERHOUSE, THE VERVE and PINK FLOYD can be the main influences.

We can find another elements here like Spacey and Experimental echoes and sounds with fantastic guitar solos and many layers of shimmering guitars. It´s important to note that the band is made up of two guitarists and three voices, something unusual, which gives more consistency and emphasis to the song. An absolute triumph !!!.

3. "Goodbye Song": This is not the "Classic" song of a Rock band because they go beyond to compose a tender ballad with a Folky, Neo-Progressive, Psychedelic and Dreamy touch mixed with Free-Rock. At the middle of the song it transforms into pure experimentation to return again with great guitar riffs like the best moments of 70s bands as PINK FLOYD and LED ZEPELLIN. This is the reason why the song lasts more than eight minutes...impressive!.

4. "Don´t ask Me To Change": Another of my big choices. Now the band create a reinterpretation of the sounds of the 80s and 90s groups with their own signature. A totally enjoyable and superb theme in the way early U2, THE CHURCH and THE WALKMEN did.

5. "Lonely Is A Lifetime": The last song of the Side A of the LP that gives name to the album. A wonderful a capella song sung by the three vocalists with an ancient and soft vibe. Comes fastly to my mind FLEET FOXES, another band I love so much...simply majestic !!!.


6. "Happy Again": An Indie-Rock number with an optimistic and joyful feeling. It has many influences from Brit-Pop bands of the 90s like THE AUTEURS, OASIS and THE VERVE and 80s Manchester bands like THE CHARLATANS and INSPIRAL CARPETS, a great mix !.

7. "Leave Your Light On": This could be the most Rock & Roll tune in the same way "Happy Days" go but more fast and energetic, very sublime too!. The drums are essential along the entire song with a BAND OF HORSES feeling.

8. "Help Me Out": The second best song of the album and for sure one of my great selections. It starts with a clean and relaxing a capella mood reminding me their love for FLEET FOXES again and also the beautiful style of THE WAR ON DRUGS. Then the song explodes with noisy guitar riffs and strong drums mixed with the three excellent voices singing separately in various parts of the theme, an incredible atmosphere to enjoy and pure solid gold!.

9. "On My Way": They go back to their Southern roots but presented in a different and happy way alternating 80s and 90s Music. THE SILENCERS and THE WALKMEN could easily
fit on this great tune.

10. "Into The Sun": A festive song to sing and clap. It´s performed as a fantastic and direct hymn. It makes me think of Post-Grunge bands like LIVE or BETTER THAN EZRA but more
Pop with many twists and changes...stunning!.

11. "Hallelujah": This is the last song of the album and very exciting and original because it´s almost an instrumental number full of Experimental textures and Avant-Garde sounds. It´s the best way to end this outstanding record and the best proof that
THE WILD FEATHERS can create a multi-colored spectrum of styles and genres...exquisite!.

I hope that everyone is in very good health in these difficult times we are living. With great faith I am sure this thread will go away very soon and we won´t let it happen again.

Entertain yourselves listening to the wonderful song "Sleepers" and reading the article. Listen also the entire second album "Lonely Is A Lifetime" of THE WILD FEATHERS that it´s really charming. A big hug to all my friends and stay safe!. Thanks again!....