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Review. Allerseelen. Terra Incognita (2015, Aorta/Ahnstern)

I respect and love Allerseelen’s music for two reasons: it’s unique in sound (it could be martial industrial, neofolk or whatever style they choose, but it’s always Allerseelenisch) and it’s a qualitative music. Cheers to the new Allerseelen’s CD “Terra Incognita” and some words about it.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2015 m. Liepos 11 d., 13:00
Skaityta: 234 k.
Review. Allerseelen. Terra Incognita (2015, Aorta/Ahnstern)

15 songs, 68 minutes, 16-pages booklet, digipak, out on the 21st of June, 2015. All texts are printed both in German and English. Vocals: Robert N. Taylor, Gerhard Hallstatt. Guitars: John Haughm, Jörg B., Daniel P. Arnica, Alexander Wieser. Drums: Christien H. Bass: Noreia, Marcel P. Cello: Annamaria Bernadette Cristian.

I should mention terrific artwork by HaateKaate / Gerhard Hallstatt. It’s THE Terra Incognita over there and in all CD, which is as beautiful as the music. A quest for beauty. Solved?

Terra Incognita has many wonderful pieces for ears and I wish all You to hear them. Personally, I like “Fliegerlied” very much, but actually there’s no song which I wouldn’t listen to. All different, but all make a great essence of one great creation. And it’s also important to mention that Allerseelen is active from 1987, but in no way it became worse. It’s always different, and the last album is always the best.

Although I’m listening this album all day long, I’m already waiting for the new one. One of the best albums I’ve ever listened. And it revived my a little bit lost interest to experimental, martial industrial, neofolk and similar music. Danke!!!



from the emptiness we come // aus der Leere kommen wir

to the emptiness we go // in die Leere gehen wir

(Aus der Leere)