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One-man black metal band KEYVANOTH from Iran: My philosophy is death and the world after death

Metal music in such countries as Saudi Arabia ( and Iran seems to be a mission impossible. But, nevertheless, people want to be free in those dictatorships, so you can never stop them to be free in their minds and create Music. Now, i offer You to read my conversation with one-man black metal band from Iran (2017 10 21). Name of this man, surely, will not be published.

Mindaugas Peleckis
2017 m. Gruodžio 09 d., 13:08
Skaityta: 216 k.
One-man black metal band KEYVANOTH from Iran: My philosophy is death and the world after death

You are from Iran, and play metal music. It sounds a bit crazy - maybe it's a stereotype but from press we know that in this country all music except religious is forbidden. How can You play metal music in Iran? In deep underground?

Hi, thank you for your support ...  I was born in Iran in 1992.

My band Keyvanoth is a depressive black metal/black metal solo project formed in the summer of 2008 when i was only 16 years old.

I work very hard at the home studio... I have a few facilities. I have a lot of motivation to reach my goals. 99% of people don't have a good understanding of metal because they are brainwashed. In our country, which is an Islamic country, I really have many problems, even in my own family.

Tell our readers more about Your band - your musical background, how did you begin to play, in what bands did you play?

When I started in 2008, at that time I had very few facilities. Since metal music is forbidden in Iran...

My songs are more about death than misery and despair.and etc.

We can't talk about religion or politics in Iran because we could be arrested.

Life is hard here and I'm disappointed to live here

Did You have any underground gig?

I didn't because I am a solo artist and I am also isolated because people don't understand me and they think I am a satanist.

But, nevertheless, there are metalheads in Iran?

Yes, there are metalheads in Iran, but bands are under consideration of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it can be said: metal music under the laws of the Iranian government... So, actually, there are no real metalheads, no real metal music...

How many albums have You released?

1.North of Goblin 2016

1. Abyssal
2. Deprival Perception
3. Where Is the Way End
4. This Is a Lie You Will Die

2.Damn Society 2017

1. Bipolar Sperm (Intro)
2. Misanthropy Is Winner
3. Amalgamation of Thoughts
4. Kill Yourself
5. Tears of Pain
6. Endless Night
7. Wolf Child
8. Tormentor Thoughts
9. F-uck the World
10. Desire for Blood
11. Prison of My Life
12. Nature of the North
13. I Hate Myself
14. Damn Society
15. Dunkehleit (Burzum Cover)
16. Voice of Death (Outro)

3.Rebellion in Solitude 2018 (coming soon)

Of course, I have many demo songs before these two albums, but they are not of good quality.

What inspires You?

My philosophy is death and the world after death. Of course I look at Sufism... Rumi God..... I like to be a Sufi...

What do You know about Lithuania and its metal bands?

I know Lithuanian black metal band Valefar.

Great. This is a legendary black metal band which released their only album back in 1995. What are You plans? Do You plan a tour for a new album in other country? If so, where?

I would like very much to go out of Iran and to another country to continue my work more free, but I do not have enough money.
Any country... Norway, Sweden, maybe your country.

What does Your band name mean? What are You singing about? Do You also sing only Persian?

Keyvanoth is from keyvan - Saturn. My songs are about misanthropy, nature, death and freedom.

I sing mainly in English. In my new album, 90% of songs are is English.

Tell us more about pre-islamic Persian culture. I find it very interesting.

Everyone knows that we have a rich culture and our country is we are not an Arab country... We wrote human rights. Cyrus the Great wrote the world's first human rights ... But since the Arabs attacked us during the Sassanid era, our culture and civilization and our identity have been changed... And if there was no Ferdowsi (Abu ʾl-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi, 940–1020, a Persian poet and the author of Shahnameh, "Book of Kings", which is the world's longest epic poem created by a single poet, and the national epic of Greater Iran), we would have spoken Arabic now... Our religion was Zoroastrian before Islam. There are Zoroastrian, Christian, Jewish and other religions in Iran, but also there is discrimination of them in Iran.

Everyone now thinks that Iran is a country like an Arab country. But we are Aryans... Although I am not a racist, but we have a good culture.

Thank You and good luck on the way to freedom!