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Raghupati Bhatt: Darkness or Tama is the major attribute of Kali yuga

Raghupati Bhatt is a very interesting man. Brahmin, who wrote books on John Updike, journalism, also well known titles "India's glory" (Numen Books) and translated "Bhagvad Gita". It's always interesting to interview a man from a Tradition. We talked on the 8th of March, 2016.

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2016 m. Kovo 09 d., 21:58
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Raghupati Bhatt: Darkness or Tama is the major attribute of Kali yuga

To translate Gita is a serious challenge. Probably it was translated by hundreds of pundits. Why did You decide to translate it and how Your translation from Sanskrit differs from others, f.e. from well known in Europe ISKCON (Hare Krishna movement) Gita translation?

Why did I translate Gita?

Many have translated this ancient book. Every translator has added his comment and almost all these are voluminous. People like Swami Prabhupad had devoted their life to Krishna. People like Swami Yogananda were authorities on philosophy. Even Mahatma Gandhi has translated Gita. Most of these translators had their own ideology which they have emphasized. l know that  I am a nobody before these great souls.

I decided to give it a try. I am a professor of English. I often tell my students that every text opens differently to different people.
I have given the text of Gita in English as I understood it. I have not added my comments. That is why it is a short text. According to me these are the words of Shri Krishna. There are more layers of meaning which go on opening as you go on reading.

You are an author of ten books. What are they?

My first two books are text books for journalism and communication. My third book is on Mahabharata. The fourth is on Ramayana. The fifth and sixth are in Marathi. The seventh is on the golden pages of India's history. The eighth is the account of my Europe tour
The 9th book is a study of John Updike.

What is Your scientific background?

I have been studying religious texts from a long time. I write on them. I have been practising Yoga. I have studied Sanskrit for many years.

What could You say to Europeans (unfortunately, i met some such ones) who say: Gita is not European, because Indo-European actually is Indo and European. I disagree, because Lithuanian languages, which is my mother tongue, is pretty close to Sanskrit (agni - ugnis, madhu - medus etc.).

Gita is a part of Mahabharata.It happened in India.The people then spoke Sanskrit. But the message of Gita belongs to the mankind. The people of Mahabharata times had universal religion. They cannot be called as Hindus. Gita talks about God principle. It does not mention any name. Lithuanian language is close to Sanskrit. Most of the European languages  have similar words.I am happy that you regard Krishna as your own. He belongs to us all.

You wrote that the key to Gita is understanding that all paths lead to the God. But, probably, a mediocre believer would say: Hindu is Hindu, Islam is Islam, Christianity is Christianity, and those pats are not going together to the God. I agree with You (You are probably a Hindu Vishnaite?) but how can You explain it to most of the people who think that "my Jesus is better than your Jesus"?

Religious fanatics do not listen to anybody. I believe in Jesus. Ramkrishna Mission believes that Jesus was an incarnation of God.

Tell me more about Kali yuga and Krishna, what is told about it in India? It's explored by various esoteric, new age movements, neofolk music adepts, but originally, what is Kali Yuga?

Kali yuga is the fourth yuga after Kruta, Treta and Dwapar. Kali yuga began after Sri Krishna's passing away. Darkness or Tama is the major attribute of this yuga. Approximately it began on 18th Feb. 3102 B.C. Kalki the future incarnation of Vishnu will herald the end of  Kali yuga after 432 000 years.

Whatever bad might be there in Kaliyuga,s piritual practices have quick results in Kaliyuga and especially reciting the name of Shri Krishna and reciting Bhagvad Gita are very beneficial.

What do You think about Shivaism, which is popular in Your native Karnataka?

We believe that Shiva and Vishnu are one. They are different names of the same entity. There are many Shaivites in Karnataka and other states also. Once upon a time they were staunch opponents of Vaishnavites. Now that is gone.

You are probably from Brahmins? Are there many Brahmins in India?

I am a Brahmin.

Dear friend all the seekers of knowledge are Brahmins. You are a Brahmin.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.